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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

List Menu

List menu preview
List Menu

The List Menu is a minimalist menu which hides description details and images until the user clicks the info button to view them. It is highly optimized for mobile delivery

The List Menu can display a title, an image, some body text, and a link button. the duration field and the progress bar are not present in this menu.

The List Menu’s features are gathered from the Page Settings screen:

Displayed at the top of the box menu floating above the image and not affected by the 3D effect. In the Frame Menu, this field should be considered required and should be succinct as wrapping titles in this menu may have unexpected behavior.

Displayed below the title. In the Frame Menu, the body should be considered required and should be fairly succinct as it will consume image area and may possibly overlap the title if too large.

The text of the button used to open the page. Cannot be left blank.

Duration is not displayed in this menu.

A required graphic to be displayed as the contents of the frame. Omitting the image will display a message to the user indicating that the course is broken.

Alternative text for the graphic.

List Menu Graphic Requirements

The List Menu Graphic is width-constrained and at most occupies only 270px in width (or about 30% of the menu). There is no specific aspect ratio though it is preferable to have all of the images in the menu the same size.