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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Box Menu

Box Menu example
Box Menu

Box Menu is a menu bundled with the Adapt framework.

Menu choices are framed within a box element and arranged in a grid. Box Menu allows you to direct the learner to either further menus (sub menus) or to one or more pages of content. The Box Menu default is to show a title, an image, some body text, duration, a progress indicator and a link button.

Box menu does not support Graphic Headers extension.

The Box Menu’s features are gathered from the Page Settings screen:

Displayed at the top of the box menu. If the Display Title field is empty, no title will be displayed in the menu.

Displayed below the title. If the Body field is empty, no body will be displayed.

The text of the button used to open the page. Cannot be left blank.

A text string to represent how long it should take the user to complete the page. Should include the duration units (mins, minutes, hours, etc.)

An optional graphic to be displayed at the top of the menu block above the title.

Alternative text for the graphic.

Box Menu Graphic Requirements

While the Box Menu will accept an image of any size, using images with different height-to-width ratios (aspect ratio) will create menus that look haphazard or broken.

Download PSD Image Template

We recommend using a graphic that is 472px (wide) by 240px (high) with a resolution of 72ppi.

Box Menu Graphic should avoid using text when possible. Adapt will scale the image to best fit the user’s screen and any text in the image will appear jagged or blurry. Additionally, accessibility rules warn that text in images is not accessible without additional steps (many of which are not possible in Adapt).