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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5


Resources draw showing a few items to download.
Resources Drawer Example

The Resource extension allows you to add files to your course for the user to download and collects them all into a Drawer dialog.

Resources Settings

You can upload or add links to a resource or configure the extensions settings under the Resources extension item.

Determines whether the drawer item is enabled.

Determines the order of the Resources item within the drawer. This number is 0-based and has no effect if there are not other drawer extensions enabled.

The title of the drawer item. This title only appears if there is more than one drawer item installed. Default is “Resources”.

The description of the drawer item. This text only appears if there is more than one drawer item installed. The default is “Click here to view resources for this course”

The labels for the buttons that filter the list of resources. These elements should typically be left as is because the underlying structure cannot be changed. If you do attempt to change these elements, you must also change the corresponding ARIA Label for the button/section as well.

Accessibility text used to provide targets and labeling for the items in the resources item. Again, these elements should typically not be altered unless you have knowingly altered the Filter Buttons as they can harm accessibility.

This is a list of the items in the resource drawer. When you click the Add button, a dialog will slide out from the right side of the screen allowing you to populate the item. The fields in this dialog are:

The type of resource: Document, Media or Link.

Will attempt to force the browser to download the file rather than display it in a new tab. Not all browsers support this ability.

The title and link text for this item in the Resource drawer.

The name of the file that the user will download. Should contain the same file type suffix as the original file. Not all browsers support this ability.

A description to appear under the link in the Resource Drawer.

Either an Asset uploaded to Adapt Authoring or a link to an external web site.

This is one of the few places where using an external link makes sense. It’s often better to link to a file on a website you control (where the file can be edited easily) rather than uploading the file to Adapt (where it cannot ever be edited, just replaced).