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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Grid 4.5

The Grid extension allows you to resize the components within a block. The sizings are based on a standard 12 column responsive grid system. Adapt only allows 2 columns, so settings are based on left/right sizes.

At mobile resolutions, both components are forced to 100% width.

Grid only applies to blocks and alters only components.

Enables the grid for this block.

Determines the sizes of the left & right components. Available settings are:

SettingLeft ColumnRight Column
1-left 11-right8.33%91.66%
2-left 10-right16.66%83.33%
3-left 9-right25%75%
4-left 8-right33.33%66.66%
5-left 7-right41.66%58.33%
6-left 6-right50%50%
7-left 5-right58.33%41.66%
8-left 4-right66.66%33.33%
9-left 3-right75%25%
10-left 2-right83.33%16.66%
11-left 1-right91.66%8.33%

At mobile resolutions, the left component is complete removed.

At mobile resolutions, the left component is complete removed.

Controls the horizontal alignment of the components within the block.

Hiding Components

Using the hide right/left options is good for mobile users in situations where the component being hidden is a graphic or animation that is supplied purely for decoration.

In order to use this option, you must ensure that the component is marked as “optional” and not included in page-level-progress.