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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5


Bookmarking extension dialog from sample course
Bookmarking Extension Dialog

The bookmarking extension allows learners to return to their previous location in a course from another session. Note that the effects of this extension are not visible when using Adapt Authoring’s Preview.

Bookmarking Settings

The settings for the Bookmarking extension can be found under Project Settings. Typically, the Bookmarking extension can be used without configuration, however you can customize the text used to address the learner.

Enables or disables bookmarking for the entire course.

Allows you to set whether Bookmarking is done at page, block or component level. The default is Page.

Controls whether the Bookmarking prompt dialog is enabled or disabled. If not enabled, the user will be returned to their bookmarked position automatically.

The title of the prompt dialog. By default, “Bookmarking.”

The message body of the prompt dialog. By default, “Would you like to continue where you left off?”

The label for the button that takes the user to their last viewed location.

The label for the button that closes the dialog without taking the learner to their last location.

In general, the Bookmarking element does not need configuration: The default settings bookmark at the Page level, returning the user to the page they were previously viewing.