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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5


Extensions in adapt a plugins that modify the behavior of one or more of building blocks of adapt: The Course, Page, Block or Article.

To extensions to your course, click Manage extensions in the sidebar. This workflow will list all of the possible extensions that can be added to your course, as well as any extensions already added.

Manage Extensions with no extensions added to course
Manage Extensions

Required Extensions

All courses require a few extensions to function correctly, these are:

BookmarkingAn extension that tracks the learner’s location in the course so that it can return them to that location in a subsequent session.
Course CompleteAdds a complete messaging to the course menu as well as a Page or Course complete banner.
Page Level ProgressAn extension to show a learner’s progress through a page via a progress bar displayed in the top navigation area.
SpoorAn extension which allows basic SCORM tracking
TutorAn extension which provides a basic feedback overlay for question components.

4.5 These extensions are added to a new course by default.

Configuring Extensions

Extensions section of the article settings page.
Extension Section

Extensions are configured in the settings pages for the object that they modify. For example, the Parallax Articles extension modifies Articles, so to configure the settings for this extension, open the Article you want to modify, and scroll down to the Extensions section. Once located, you can click on the name of the extension to reveal it’s properties.

All of the extensions in Adapt are covered in the menu to the left.