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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Accessibility Settings

4.5 Enabling accessibility in Adapt is a required step when creating your course. The settings are opt-in — That means the course developer has to “turn on” accessibility for the Adapt’s accessibility features to be enabled.

4.5 When enabled, the course is made fully accessible (no more user opt-in).

If you’re not already there, return to either the Page Structure or Course Structure, and locate the Configuration settings in the sidebar and click the link.

The Configuration Settings form has a number of foundational settings for the course, such as the language and text direction. There are also settings that can help with troubleshooting issues that the development team may ask you to enable when you ask for help. The vast majority of these settings should be left alone.

However, about mid-way down the page is a section for Accessibility.

Configuration setting screen displaying the accessibility settings.

The important settings here are:

Enabled?This checkbox enables or disables all accessibility features. By default it is not checked.
Enable text reader support?Enables a dynamic tab scheme which highlights the individual text elements of the course. The feature is useful for multiple disabilities, but some screen reader users may prefer this feature is turned off.
Enable Skip Navigation link?Adds a “Skip Navigation” link as the second item on each page. Most courses should leave this option unselected as it adds an additional “tab-stop” to the page. However, this is required if your course has multiple navigation elements added before the content (typically from extensions like Page Level Progress, Resources, etc).

So, with the options explained, make sure that accessibility features are Enabled, Enable text reader support is checked and Enable Skip Navigation link is unchecked.

Save your settings, and then preview the course.

With accessibility turned on, you can tab through the various elements in the page. Additionally, the Enable text reader support setting adds all text blocks to the tab order to allow those to be selected with the tab key as well.

We’re almost done. In the final section we’ll download your SCORM package and discuss next steps to help you begin developing your courses.