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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Creating a Course

Before you begin, you may want to read the section of this guide, Thinking in Adapt, as the Adapt Framework organizes content in a way that may be confusing to those familiar with traditional course development.

You should also take a moment to preview the “Adapt Demo Course” within your Adapt Authoring Tool installation. This course can be found within the Shared Courses section of the Dashboard.

If you see a setting and are unsure of what it does: Try it!

Adapt Authoring rarely punishes exploration. It is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to select an option that will break your course. Don’t be afraid to explore the settings.

When you first launch the authoring tool, you’ll be brought to the Dashboard; a display showing the courses that have been created. You can organize the view of courses using the onscreen filters and search controls.

Adapt Dashboard. There are no courses displayed.

The default view (My courses) will only show the courses which you have created yourself. To view any shared courses, click the Shared Courses link in the sidebar. To make a course you’ve authored yourself viewable in this section, you must enable the relevant option in the course’s Configuration setting page.

To begin, click the Add new course button on the Dashboard. This will open a form to allow you to configure the course. At this stage, you should give the course a Title and, if you’d like, a Description.

Adapt Authoring Add Course form. No details have been provided and the form is empty.

There are many options and fields in this form. Don’t sweat them! To begin, you only need to set the title and description. All of these options can be edited at any time.

The newly created course should open to display the Course Structure that will allow you to begin editing the course.

If you were taken back to the Dashboard, you’ll see your course listed as a block under My Courses. Double click the course or click the gear icon and then choose Edit.

Course Structure page in Adapt Authoring.

There are multiple editors, unsurprisingly one for each type of content object you will work with. In general, the Adapt interface is divided into two sections: Settings in the darker sidebar on the left and content editor taking up the remainder of the screen on the right.

At the top of the sidebar will always be a section, typically containing two or three buttons, that are your primary actions for the task you’re working with (called a “workflow” from here on out). The buttons for saving your work, previewing your course, cancelling an action and downloading or exporting your course will always be in this location.  Beneath these actions will be the top-level settings for the workflow you’re in.

When you open a course from the Dashboard, Adapt brings you to the Menu Editor, where we can setup the the basic options and begin adding pages.