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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Order Items

Order Items allows you to specify a list of items and requires the learner place them in the correct order. While the component does use drag & drop functionality, it is accessible to keyboard and users of assistive technology.

Order Items works best in half-width (as the elements can be unweildy full-width) but will not prevent you from using them at full-width.

Why use an Order Items?

Order Items are fairly specialized: They only work well with fixed order lists for which you have previously defined the order.

Why avoid using Order Items?

  • If you have more than 5 items for the learner to put into order, this can get uncomfortable fast.
  • Know your audience: If you have an Order Items component that the user has to scroll to complete, expect some angry users.
  • Drag & Drop on mobile devices is hit and miss: Some devices reserve dragging behavior for scrolling the page and refuse to permit drag events (I’m looking at you, older iOS). Again, know your audience and be ready to drop the component if they have problems.

This component cannot currently report back to an LMS. Avoid using this component in an assessment as the assessment will view this interaction as “incorrect” even if the user supplies a correct response.

The Order Items component inherits all the settings common to the Presentation Components and all the settings common to the Question Components.

This is a list of the items for the question. When you click the Add button, a dialog will slide-out from the right side of the screen allowing you to populate the details. The fields in this dialog are:

The text of the item that the user will click and drag.

A positive integer indicating the correct order. This number is 1-indexed (meaning the first item should be 1, the second item should be 2, etc.).