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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Thinking Question

The Thinking Question is a bit of an enigma: By the name alone it should be a “Question” component; however, because it requires a long-form response from the learner, the response cannot be saved via SCORM nor evaluated to provide a correct or incorrect feedback. In the end, its function is to provide information to the user, making it a presentation component.

Thinking Questions must be full-width.

Why Use a Thinking Question

  • You have a question or scenario you want the user to compose a long-form answer in order to consider the concepts involved.
  • You do not want to save the user’s response.

Why avoid using a Thinking Question

  • You need to capture the user’s response (an LMS’ components are better suited to this).
  • If the question or scenario has a correct or incorrect response, the Thinking Question can’t help.

The Thinking Question component inherits all the settings common to the Presentation Components.

Determines the animation used to switch the view from question to feedback.

Fade (default)The cards fade between each side.
FlipThe card “flips” like a real card between front and back.
SlideThe cards slide from between the front and back.

Optional image which will be shown above the question.

The alternative text for the image, if provided.

An Optional title to appear directly above the question.

The body text of the question.

The feedback text.

A positive integer representing the number of characters the user must enter before the question can be submitted. The default is 0, which will allow the user to submit the question after typing one character.

The label for the button used to submit the question.

Once answered, the user can toggle between the feedback and question. This label is for the button used to toggle back to the feedback.

Once answered, the user can toggle between the feedback and question. This label is for the button used to toggle back to the question.

The graphics for the thinking question are fairly strict. The question and feedback are the sides of a Card component and so the graphic for this is fairly similiar.

The image is height-constrained to allow for the 3D flipping effect. Larger images can be used, however, they will be scaled to just slightly larger than the display area, then cropped. Because of this, it’s important to use images that conform to the sizes specified. Images smaller than the recommended size will be pixelated and should be avoided.

thinking question graphic
Download Thinking Question Template

The graphic in a Thinking Question should be 472px x 242px.