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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Panels 4.5

You can use the panels component to present learners with a collection of panels, which once expanded change to display a dialog. The component supports from 3 to 6 panels and can only be used full-screen.

The Panels component works well on desktop and tablet resolutions. On phones, the component is automatically marked complete and displays the panels and images as a list down the page.

The Panels component inherits all the settings common to the Presentation Components.

This is a list of the items in the panels component. When you click the Add button, a dialog will slide-out from the right side of the screen allowing you to populate the item. The fields in this dialog are:

The title of the panel. Required

The content to be displayed in the dialog.

The alternative text for the graphic.

The graphic displayed in the background of the panel.

The Panel component is always 980px by 480px. The width of each panel, however, is determined by the number of panels in the Panel component and the user’s screen. More panels mean less of each panel graphic that is displayed.

Graphic should be created at full-size, with the subject of panel centered. That way the subject is always displayed, if cut off slightly by the other panels.

Keep in mind that panel graphics can never contain text; There is no way to predict what amount of the image will be displayed so text will be cut off.