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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Go To Page

Go To Page allows you to provide a learner with a means to move to another page without going through the course menu.

The Go To Page component is a simple component with the default properties (Title/Display Title, Body, and Instruction.)

In addition, Go To Page has two other properties to be set.

Required. The text of the button used to advance to a page.

The id of the page the learner should advance to. 4.5 If you want to advance to the next page in your structure, leave this field blank.

See Also: Getting the Page ID

The title of the dialog displayed when the user clicks the button to the next page if they have not completed the current page.

Default is “Page Incomplete”

The content of the dialog letting the user know they have not completed the page.

Default is “There are items on this page that must be completed before you can continue.”

Label for the button that takes the user to the first incomplete item on the page.

Label for the button that opens the Page Level Progress menu, showing the user all incomplete items on the page.