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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Go To Menu

Go To Menu allows you to provide a learner with a means to return to a menu. This can be either a submenu that they are progressing through, or the main course menu.

  • A submenu is breaking content out into a smaller section within a course. The learner needs to go back to the submenu to access the next piece of the content.
  • An appropriate button label can lead the learner back to the main course menu to access the next page.

The Go To Menu component is a simple component with the default properties (Title/Display Title, Body, and Instruction). In addition, Go To Menu has two other properties:

Required. The text of the button used to return to the menu.

The id of the menu the learner should return to. To return to the main menu, leave this field blank.

See Also: Getting the Page ID