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Adapt User's Guide version 4.5

Assessment Results

assessment results displaying score and retry button
Assessment Results Example

The Assessment Results plugin is a special-case component that can only be used with the Assessment extension. It provides the feedback for an assessment and allows the user to retry the assessment if configured.


Do not put the Assessment Results component in the same article as the assessment itself.

Component Settings

The following settings are on the component itself and all settings here must correspond to those set for the Assessment extension.

The feedback text areas have special strings that can be added that do things like insert the score or add custom band feedback. These elements are written in Handlebars, a JavaScript templating language. While fairly easy to use, they are case sensitive and the number of curly braces matter — even minor typos can break the results component entirely.

Controls whether this component will be visible or hidden prior to the assessment having been completed.

This is the unique name of the assessment for which results should be displayed. This value must match the settings for the Assessment on the Article containing your questions.

Warning: the text in Adapt Author states that you do not need to supply a name if there is only one assessment. This has not worked in our testing.

The text of the button that allows the learner to retry the assessment.

A snippet of text that appears below the Feedback Text and above the Retry button if the learner has the opportunity to retry the assessment. Can use special replacement strings; See Customizing Feedback section below.

This text will replace the Body text of the component once the assessment is complete. Can use special replacement strings; See Customizing Feedback section below.

This is a list of scoring bands for custom feedback for each band. This numeric value represents the raw score or percentile (as determined by the configuration of the Assessment extension) that indicates the low end or start of the range. The range continues to the next highest score of another band.

The Assessment Results component requires at least one band in order to function.

For example: Using percentage scoring, if you created your first band with “40”, any learner who scored between 0 and 40% would see the feedback for this band. Adding another band with a score of “60” would display the feedback for that band if the user scored between 40%$ and 60%.

When you click the Add button, a dialog will slide-out from the right side of the screen allowing you to populate the band’s details. The fields in this dialog are:

As described above, this is a value that represents the raw score or percentile that indicates the low end or start of the range. The range continues to the next highest score of another band.

This text will be displayed to the learner when the learner’s score falls within this band’s range. This text is not displayed automatically; See Customizing Feedback section below.

Determines whether the learner will be allowed to re-attempt the assessment. If not set, the learner will not be allowed to retry the assessment regardless of any remaining attempts.

Customizing Feedback

The feedback handling in this component can be a little confusing. By default, the only elements displayed are:

  1. Feedback Text — From the main component.
  2. Retry Text — if there are retrys available and the band the score is in allows it.

You notice that the Band: Feedback is not included in this. Band feedback must be included using the insertion string {{{feedback}}}.

In addition to the {{{feedback}}} insertion string, there are a few others:

Insertion StringDescription
{{attemptsSpent}}Number of attempts the user has made in this session.
{{attempts}}Number of attempts allowed.
{{attemptsLeft}}Number of attempts remaining to the learner.
{{{score}}}The raw score, based on question weight.
{{{maxScore}}}The maximum raw score, based on question weight.
{{{feedback}}}The feedback text from the question band.
{{{scoreAsPercent}}}The percent based score, without the percent sign (%).

I see HTML in my Feedback!!!

This can happen when you’ve improperly added one of the insertion strings.

The number of braces changing in the list above is not accidental. The number of curly braces ({}) is significant. Using two braces on a string that requires three or three braces on an string that requires two will cause issues.